Too Late For Apologies

When Jane Lowe finds out her brother is dead, she realizes the only way to find his killer is with her sister’s help. Estranged for twenty years neither has the patience nor the desire to tolerate the other but with a mutual goal they accept their circumstances and agree to work together to find the truth. Their tenuous truce is tested when their quest for answers uncovers long suppressed family secrets that could destroy them all.

During their search they discover their brother’s death was not the first murder in their family and if they continue to dig deeper, it may not be the last. Some things are better left in the past and both, who have never agreed on anything, must decide how desperate they are for answers. Their inability to get past their differences divides them and they move forward with their own agendas.

But now they are alone.

Divided and blinded by their mutual mistrust and anger, they are easy targets but will they realize their mistakes in time or will their inability to let go of the past destroy their future? As the bodies fall, one of them will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the other. Can she let go of the mistakes of the past or will she doom them both believing it’s Too Late for Apologies?