Kim McAllister’s tenuous hold on reality begins to unravel when a brutal murder points to her as the killer.  Consuming excessive amount of alcohol has become her nightly ritual and it isn’t unusual for her to blackout, but that night is more than just a void. Overwhelmed by the evidence stacking up against her, she is tormented by the facts, but somewhere in the black hole of that night she knows the truth is hiding if only she could remember. But another truth is hiding there as well and uncovering one means uncovering the other and she is terrified by what she might find.

Detective Ethan Trent sees the investigation as a straight forward murder but the deeper he digs into Kim’s past the more gruesome the details become. Disgusted by his findings he is conflicted about her guilt and the details of the murder begin to hit too close to home. As he gets closer to the truth he’s extorted into walking away. Never before has he put a price on his integrity but this isn’t an offer; it’s an order.  He must decide if his own freedom is worth compromising the investigation and sacrificing his honor and Kim in the process.

Attracted to his strength, Kim gravitates towards Ethan. Even though he is the detective driven to prove her guilt his dominance overwhelms her. After he saves her from a vicious attack she can no longer keep herself from him. Terrified by her circumstances and how close she came to death, she longs to feel anything other than fear and betrayal. She throws herself at Ethan in a way he cannot resist solidifying their descent towards a depth from which they may not recover.

As he gets closer to the truth Ethan realizes nothing is at it seems and when he finds a secret that could change everything he races to find Kim but it may already be too late.  Can he stop her from making a mistake she cannot change without sacrificing himself in the process or will they both be Hamstrung by a past that will never let them go?

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