Three unique dark mysteries with a sensual edge all in one package.

Burdened By Guilt

Detective Mike Anderson must rely on the insights of sexy English Professor Suzanne Kelly to help him solve the mystery when the dismembered body of a murder victim is found with a note from a classic work of literature. Drained of blood and chopped into pieces the note is his only clue. He is desperate for her direction but she keeps him in suspense when she warns this may not be the last. Although impressed with her knowledge, her resemblance to his murdered wife unnerves him and he steels himself against the potential of an inappropriate and untimely romance.

Too Late For Apologies

When Jane Lowe finds out her brother is dead, she realizes the only way to find his killer is with her sister’s help. Estranged for twenty years neither has the patience nor the desire to tolerate the other but with a mutual goal they accept their circumstances and agree to work together to find the truth. Their tenuous truce is tested when their quest for answers uncovers long suppressed family secrets that could destroy them all.


Kim McAllister’s tenuous hold on reality begins to unravel when a brutal murder points to her as the killer. Consuming excessive amount of alcohol has become her nightly ritual and it isn’t unusual for her to blackout, but that night is more than just a void. Overwhelmed by the evidence stacking up against her, she is tormented by the facts, but somewhere in the black hole of that night she knows the truth is hiding if only she could remember. But another truth is hiding there as well and uncovering one means uncovering the other and she is terrified by what she might find.

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